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Updated 30 March 2020

Coronavirus update: All face-to-face workshops are currently on hold until government advice changes. However the gardening continues and we are exploring alternative ways to share our expertise.

New! Bespoke Garden Design Package
A package of 1-1 support including phone/email and posted seeds and plants for anyone wanting advice and guidance on setting up or extending a dye garden.  Further details here

Thinking ahead to the future, here are details of the workshops that, in normal times we provide here in Hitchin:

How to plan and plant a dye garden. An introductory day where you can explore an established working dye garden on a compact allotment site. Each person gets some 1-1 design support and goes home with seeds, seedlings and young plants to put the ideas into practice as soon as possible. Our next courses will be 19th April 2020. There will be additional dates later in the Spring and Summer.

Dye garden in June

Natures Rainbow Dye Garden in June


One day dye workshops where you start by picking the dye plants, then extract the dyes and use them to colour a useful quantity of material appropriate to your chosen craft. We aim to be flexible and accommodate people who are confident to mordant their own materials in advance, as well as cater for those new to plant dyeing.

Japanese Indigo leaves steeping

Japanese Indigo leaves steeping in water to extract the indigo



Two day workshops where you can go deeper into a subject. Some things need more than a single day for best results. We have developed a Two Day Mordanting workshop and a Dyecraft Retreat Weekend where you can explore a single dyeplant in depth.

Madder dye variation by mordant and modifier

Madder dyed yarns with various mordants and modifiers


See here for more details and to book a place.

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Our dye garden in Hitchin is next door to a fabulous community garden project where we are hiring a well-equipped indoor space suitable for small group events, only 5 minutes walk from a mainline station well served by trains between London, Peterborough and Cambridge.

We are thoroughly enjoying sharing our skills and knowledge with people who, like us, are enchanted by deriving colour from their home grown dyeplants.  We are open to running workshops anywhere within reasonable travelling distance, so if you are unable to come to us but would like to host a workshop on how to get the most from your dye garden, please do get in touch.

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