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Promotion for Natural Dye Symposium Talk 26 6 21

Talk for The Loom Shed Natural Dye Symposium Sat 26 June 2021

Sample plant dyed textiles

We treasure what we make by hand

A post from Susan

Inspiring others to grow a Dye Garden

We’re live on zoom talking about our passion for growing and using a dye garden as part of TheLoomShed Natural Dye Symposium this Saturday 26 June 2021 at 3pm.

Tickets £12.50 here

We will share insights from the Nature’s Rainbow dye garden, including some of the things we would do differently now, with the benefit of experience!

Ashley will be live from the backyard with some of our current favourite dye plants (weather gods permitting) and I’ll be taking you on a whirlwind tour of the grand teint.

We believe that growing your own colour has a profound effect on your relationship to textiles and goes a little way towards changing consumption habits for the better. Once you have grown a plant from seed, nurtured it, extracted the colour and applied it to something you will wear, you never look at a commercial garment (especially if it has a deep colour) in quite the same way again. This is even more the case for us with artisan made naturally dyed textiles, wherever in the world they come from.

We’re thrilled to be appearing alongside three other expert natural dyers whose talks are earlier in the day:

10am Aviva Leigh, Strips: Stripes and Satins: Exploring 18th Century Norwich Textiles

11.30am Isabella Whitworth: Pursuing Purple, Shellfish, Lichen and Mauve

1.30pm Luisa Uribe: An Indigo Journey

All of whom grow their own dyeplants and will have loads to share.

Further information here