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Would you like to take part in a Nature’s Rainbow “Pilot” Workshop on Planning a Dye plant garden?

Planning and Planting a Dye Plant Garden

UPDATE 9 May 2019
Thank you everyone! We have been overwhelmed by the interest shown in this first pilot workshop.  If you would like to be added to a waiting list in case anyone drops out, or if you would like us to alert you about future courses, please get in touch.

We will post about how the workshop goes after 1st June.


Saturday 1st June 2019, 1 – 5pm

Creating a planting plan for beginner dye gardeners, with tips from Susan and Ashley of Nature’s Rainbow. What plants to grow, when to plant, when to harvest, how to maintain the garden.

We have been growing and using dye plants in the historic town of Hitchin for over 14 years.
Help us to design future workshops to share our expertise.

5 places available. Contact us via this blog for further details and how to book.
£20 nominal fee required in advance to confirm your place.

This is a very reduced rate to recognise the fact that the views and feedback from the people attending will be helping to design a future workshop for Nature’s Rainbow.

Participants will have a tour of an established dye garden (as featured in The Journal of Weavers Spinners and Dyers and hear how we manage the mix of annual, biennial and perennial plants within the constraints of our site. We’ll structure the session loosely, so we can maximise the flow of info between us all.

Seeds and perennial root cuttings of madder and small dyer’s broom plants to take away.

In exchange, you need to be willing to provide feedback and ideas on how to design future workshops and bring a simple sketch of your growing space, marking up sunny and shady areas and soil type.

Our house and dye garden is a very short walk from Hitchin Station, with frequent services on the Great Northern train line between Kings Cross, Cambridge and Peterborough.  Please contact us

Susan and Ash

15 thoughts on “Would you like to take part in a Nature’s Rainbow “Pilot” Workshop on Planning a Dye plant garden?

  1. sally chinea

    coming to this late, after doing extensive indigo dyeing and shibori I am starting to explore the possibilities of other colour and particularly creating my own dye garden – if you run another start your own dye garden I love to be involved.

  2. Jessica Grant

    I’m just starting out with natural dyeing, and saving all sorts of veg stuff to use later with my spun wool (a beginner spinner/weaver too). If you do any further courses I’d love to come along, sounds amazing!
    Many thanks.

  3. Amelia

    Would absolutely love to be apart of this, sounds amazing, please could you put me on the reserves list or onto the next course if possible, thank you x

  4. Tracey Ballard

    I’ve got my name down for an allotment (my garden doesn’t get much light) and I plan to grow some dye plants. It would be great to come and see how it’s done. Please can you send me details of how to book.

  5. Jo Campbell

    I would have loved this but have to work that day! I am just planning my dye garden and read some of your articles just yesterday…how strange!
    Can you let me know when you run this in earnest?
    Many thanks

  6. Alison Redding

    I’m really interested in this. Please can you send me details of the booking. Thank you. Alison

  7. Cliff

    Most interested in learning how to use plants for dyeing and would love to attend on 1st June!

  8. Ana M.Buhler

    I am really sorry for not beeing able to attend I hope one day I will visit you. I wish lots of fine experiences .
    My babies plants are groing strong .
    Ana Maria

  9. Tracey Fernandes

    Please send details of how to book a place on this workshop. Such a coincidence as I am just looking into starting my own dye garden.

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