Monthly Archives: March 2016

Anticipating Indigo

We’re expecting to have Japanese Indigo ready earlier than usual this year, with the benefit of a ‘new to us’ greenhouse on our small allotment. It’s a classic 1970s greenhouse. Very stylish!

Our garden is tiny, so we rent two allotments from our local council. We grow dyeplants alongside soft fruit and vegetables on the larger plot. The smaller plot, nearer to the house, has herbs, the occasional brassica and masses of flowers for bees and for dyeing.

small allotment early april

Greenhouse installed for Japanese Indigo

We garden with wildlife in mind, only digging when absolutely necessary and avoiding chemicals. We never use pesticides but we do use ‘wildlife friendly’ pellets to protect tender seedlings from slugs and snails. Both allotments have wild corners and compost heaps, home to many over-wintering frogs and toads. The earthworm count in the soil is always pretty high. We found a slow-worm hibernating in the little allotment compost heap a few years ago and haven’t turned or moved the heap since!