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Textile gallery

Here are some of the textiles I have made using plant dyed fabrics.
Also some plant dyed raw materials to give an idea of the full palette that can be achieved.

Antique effect applique in madder dyed wool and silk

Cut back machine applique sample with three layers of silk/wool gauze on a fine wool base. Mostly dyed with madder.

Red river quilt by Susan Dye 2014

River Ran Red Susan Dye 2014 37”x48” Contemporary quilt wall-hanging to honour the dyers and weavers of Norwich before the advent of synthetic dyes. Colours and forms inspired by a jacquard woven shawl in Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell.

Red River Quilt Sample  Susan Dye

Red River Quilt sample

Madder on on wool/silk fabric

A selection of madder-dyed lightweight fabrics which I used for my red river quilt.

Plant dyed blue faced leicester yarn

The plant dye palette on blue faced Leicester woollen yarn. The plants used were Madder (reds, pinks, orange), Weld (acid yellow), Dyer’s Chamomile (golden yellow), Japanese Indigo (Blues). The greens were obtained by overdyeing yellow yarn with blue.

TG dyed silk in garden

A rainbow in silk with madder, weld, Japanese indigo, logwood (purple), cochineal (pink) and perisan berries (gold). These last three not home grown.

Madder-dyed wool carding and spinning

Wool takes madder very well if you know how to handle the madder dyepot correctly. This is Shetland fleece dyed with home grown madder.

plant dyed silk in the garden

Silk dyed with fresh dyeplants. The blue was from Japanese indigo. The green was created by over-dyeing yellow-dyed silk in the indigo vat.

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