Dye plant gallery

This is a selection of images of the plants growing on our allotments.
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Flower of genista tinctoria

Genista Tinctoria in flower July 2014. Also called Dyers Greenweed, this is a pretty perennial and one that is vigorous if kept well-watered. Use spring and summer prunings in the dyepot. Loves wet, acid soils.

Weld in flower

Weld, or Dyer’s Rocket shoots skyward as the summer season comes round. This is a biennial and these second year plants are used for dyeing. Weld loves chalky soils.

Madder in flower

Madder has very tiny flowers which give no clue to the deep red which the roots yield in the dyepot.

Woad on allotment

Spring on the allotment, ‘watering in’ first year woad seeds. The yellow flowers are second year Woad.

Sheen on woad leaves during extraction

Woad leaves steeping in hot water at the start of the extraction process.

DP madder root in the hand

Madder root has some fleshy finger-like properties when fresh out of the ground and washed.


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