Colour took me on a journey

Colour has always been important to me but only in the last ten years have I been actively creating my own colour.

Each year I grow three of the Medieval ‘Grand Teint’ dyes on my allotment and I have learnt how to achieve bright fast colours on wool, silk and cotton.

This blog is dedicated to the use of plant dyes on fabric, to show how to achieve the best possible colours. It will cover the topics of growing dye plants in a temperate climate, mordanting different kinds of fabric, creating indigo dye baths, using resists such as stitch, mud and wax. I hope that the audience will be patchworkers and quilters, textile artists and fashion students interested in exploring plant dyeing.

I will be adding posts every month, as and when I produce new batches of plant dyed fabric.
I am doing this because I have 13 years experience in plant dyeing, developed as part of the weavers, spinners and dyers community in the UK. I would like to bring this expertise to people who work in cloth. Many people might like to create plant dyed fabrics but do not have the facilities to do so at home. If this applies to you, then please get in touch. I am particularly interested in developing creative collaborations and offering 1-1 tuition.

One thought on “Colour took me on a journey

  1. george

    Such a remarkable wealth of information. Have been dyeing with indigo for three years in a small way, and just seeded over 3000 seedlings (Suffering sever seed stress currently) Happened across your blog whilst wondering how many I can plant and how close together… Is it important to give them space or just sew them in. Im told they don’t like their roots tampered with but Ive seeded then reseeded into separate pots. the first 960! I kept “potting on” the plants I grew last year, albeit very late in the season which I kept inside neither of them were upset with this action and bushed and blossomed in October or last year.
    Any direct as to how far apart I should plant, if at all would be very welcome and gratefully received.
    Thank you!

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